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About MotdMod

The best Message Of The Day (MOTD) tool for game servers.


Professional MOTD designes included to get you started.


Live edit text and images for multiple game servers in one place.


One-Click to save changes. No coding skills required. No hosting costs.


Dashboard insights about game server popularity with # of players and earnings (Beta).

Included Features

Benefits for gaming communities -- save time and money with MotdMod fully-managed solution.

100% FREE (unlimited)

MotdMod Editor was created to help gaming communities. Use free on unlimited supported games.

Free Cloud Hosting

Save money on MOTD web hosting fees and use our lightning-fast CDN hosting worldwide, included.

Free MOTD Designs

A variety of professionally designed themes to choose from that are optimized specifically for displaying in MOTD-supported games.

Fast Server Setup

Install MotdMod Server Plugin on all your game servers at once. Setup is easy and each server running MotdMod will automatically connect to your MotdMod Editor to manage from one interface.

Free DDoS Protection

Protection against attackers is included to help your MOTDs stay online--indepentent from your website.

Account Security

MotdMod Editor is part of the OBEK Gaming Tools family of apps. View all OBEK products.

Supported Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Source

Day of Defeat: Source

Team Fortress 2

Garry's Mod

MotdMod Editor & Server Plugin automatically updates when new versions are released.

Remote management

Managing multiple MOTDs has never been easier.

Live preview and editing tools

Edit text and images is made simple with the MotdMod Editor.

Theme Switcher

One-click between themes to see how your Motd looks with our variety of gaming designs.

MotdMod Custom Designs

Choose from multiple pre-made and easy to use designs. Have your own design and want to use all the benefits of MotdMod? Contact us for guidelines to submit your own design.

  • Ancient Theme
  • CSGO Theme
  • Steelfire Theme
  • Future Theme

MotdMod Ads open new opportunities

Your online community is valuable. We've developed a full-service motd solution that is used and trusted by some of the largest multi-gaming communities in the world!

MotdMod Ads provide passive income to help your organization meet those donation goals, and help you pay your monthly server costs which we know are not free. MotdMod Ads use a gamer-first approach when it comes to branding your motd--with quality in mind and an ad experience that does not look like spam compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Install MotdMod Client and follow the setup guide to download your api key file. Once you have your unique api key file, you can use it for connecting unlimited servers to your MotdMod account.
MotdMod is 100% free. Built by gamers for gaming communities.
MotdMod was made with security as a top priority. MotdMod Client is one of many applications developed by OBEK Technologies, Inc. and uses the OBEK Gaming Tools framework for a beautiful and powerful interface. OBEK Technologies, Inc. has gone through extensive security auditing to be able to release secure software applications using DigiCerts EV Code Signing (Extended Validation) process. No bitcoin miners or backdoors here, we have a number of open-source and closed-source products that the community depends on and we would not do anything to risk losing our Code Signing Certificate for the products that we are very passionate about. More information about application security is located here. MotdMod Advertising Security Partners that protect against fraud and bots are located here.
Payouts for MotdMod Ads are NET30, meaning you will get paid 30 days after the month ends. Payouts are sent via PayPal. CPM rates are competitive industry standard and vary throughout the year. MotdMod's improved advertising experience and custom designed motds--ensure that you recieve the highest earnings with the best gamer experience.
MotdMod cannot be installed with any other server plugin that attempts to modify the gamerserver's original motd. Contact us for additional plugin support questions.
Unlike others who only focus on advertisements, MotdMod was created to improve the experience for gamers so that every game server can have a beautiful motd welcome message. Server operators can use MotdMod to easily create beautiful custom motds--designed specifically to match your gaming community. Also, sub-user support for providing access to your team is coming soon!
MotdMod has been running on some of the largest gaming communitities in the world (Top10 on GameTracker) for over 10 months and their feedback has helped shape MotdMod to what it is today. MotdMod was designed from the beginning to be the most helpful for managing a lot of game servers' motds. With MotdMod, you can bulk add your game servers--which is as simple as drag-n-drop the game server plugin to all your servers, each server will authenticate automatically using your api key, and populate in the MotdMod Client for instant easy management.

If you operate a tournament, league, or pug platform, contact us to use our MotdMod (Tournament Edition) which provides additional tools made just for you and your organization, including custom tournament designs and partner integration for dynamic motds. (beta)
Some ads are muted. However, there is little to no demand for ads with no sound, so we provide sound-enabled ads but with audio volume turned low for the best experience and fill rates.
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